The Ordinary • Neutrogena • Skincare Routine

Excited to be adding @deciem #theordinary #lacticacid into my beauty/skincare routine.


Lactic Acid is one of the most popular alpha hydroxy acids. It helps reduce acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

I'm using it to combat my acne, uneven skin tone and texture.


FYI Lactic acid can exfoliate your skin, but over time, it could lead to increased aging due to sun damage. So use it with care and always wear your SPF! ---- I’ve been washing my face 1-2x per day with my @neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser, using the head of my spin brush, following with a vitamin c serum and moisturizer.


I’ve noticed with my new routine that my skin isn’t ridiculously oily and breaking out by mid afternoon.


Funny thing is I read maybe a week ago about how your skin over compensates with oil due to the lack of moisturizing. I definitely wasn’t properly moisturizing but now I do and my skin hasn’t been super oily.


I simply just glow!


Full details to come on my journey with The Ordinary. .




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