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Hey Sis,

I just want to remind you that YOU are the author of your OWN story.
You can make a six figure income using your own talents.
Don’t be the one to block your own blessings. 
You can manifest your dreams sis! I believe you can make it happen, and I am going to help you make it happen!
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Today I’m going to give you two tips on how to make a sale TODAY!


Tips to get a sale TODAY!

#1 Go LIVE!

Going live on Social Media is an awesome way to get exposure and sales.
You could simply introduce yourself, talk a little bit about your business, or pack customer orders.
People love to watch others work.

#2 Have a FLASH SALE!

Flash Sales tend to be time sensitive. Whether they’re 24 hours, 12 hours, etc?
My last flash sale, I made well over $300 in just an hour. You can too!
The purpose is to get your audience to buy now! So offer an amazing deal or discount and start you a flash sale.

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