Protect Your Energy

Most people believe in something, correct? Whether you believe in God, a higher being, karma, everything or nothing at all. You believe in the reasoning behind that.

Lets talk about healing crystals. 

Some people believe in the energy they harness. 

Black Tourmaline in particular is believed to aide in protecting one against negative energy.

I believe whatever you believe...if you believe in it hard enough, it comes to past. The same way Christians believe in speaking things into existence. I believe if you have faith and put in the work, you will be blessed in some way. 


Let's take a closer look at some of the said benefits of Black Tourmaline. 

*A Little Information*

Aides in protecting and elimination of negative energy. It helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others, so that you don’t pick up unwanted energies. When placed in the four corners of a room, Black Tourmaline seals the room with a protective shield. This formation assists in balancing out the energy and dispelling any energies of a lower vibration.


What do you believe?

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