Making Money on Social Media

Everyone is trying to figure out how to earn money on social media now-a-days and if you aren't...well you're late to the party buddy. 


I started my Instagram around spring of last year, but I didn't start building on it until late summer/fall. 


When I started taking social media marketing seriously, I was curious about how I could monetize my account and I started to research that. 


***If you're just getting started working on social media for the first time or curious as to how to, I've written an entire guide walking beginners step by step. The book released on February 1st. It's super cheap and straight to the point. 


Link to my Beginners Influencer Guide:


 (Amazon) Paperback Version 


(Ebook) Version


(Lulu) Paperback Version 


For those of you a bit seasoned...Third party apps like Heartbeat, are a great way to get started. That's how I first started initially monetizing my account. In these third party apps you get paid to complete campaigns for companies.


Just to name a few of these apps:


  • Heartbeat 

Pay is based on follow counts, reach and engagement.


Sign up :


  • Brandbassador paid, unpaid & free product opportunities.


Sign up :


  • My company has a Brand Ambassador position available as well. 


Sign up: (Select BrandAmbassador App)


As many of you know, so many people are under the impression you have to have thousands of followers to start making money. False!


First off, engagement is more important than how many followers you have. I cannot stress that enough. 


Brands and companies look at influencer/blogger engagement statistics more than anything. If you have 10,000 followers and your engagement rate is 2% versus a person with 3,000 followers and a engagement rate of 19%, brands are going to go with the person who can reach more people. 


Engagement is another topic I discuss thoroughly in my book. I personally have an engagement rate just shy of 30%. 




So for more information on how to increase your engagement, check it out. 


You can also monetize yourself by:


  • Starting a profitable blog (like the one you're reading)
  • Joining Referral Programs
  • Selling merchandise directly or through affiliate link


If you would like to work one on one on how to land paid gigs, where to start or just starting your own business, please fill out my business consultation form and I will help you!


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