Break Every Chain

Break Every Chain


Often we as people hold on to friendships, relationships and situationships we simply need to let go. 


How much good is it doing to hold on?


Do you think you have let go, but deep down inside the toxicity is still there?


I have been there. 



People often assume a toxic relationship refers to a romantically involved one.


Not the case, friends and family can be toxic too.



Let 2019 be the year you finally purge your life of this toxic baggage you are carrying around. 


Take charge of your mental and emotional health. 


Do not forget to check yourself. 


Are you or have you ever been the toxic person in someone's life? 


I will be the first to admit, I have been before, but you have to be willing to change. 





  • I totally agree with this post, 100 percent. I told myself that in 2019 I was determined to be happy and positive and that only happens by cutting off toxic and negative people. I left all that negativity in 2018. I’m happy to hear you’re cutting off people that are damaging to you! Wishing you all the best in 2019 Ashli! ❤️

    Jennifer Amber
  • This is wonderful. I’ve had toxic people in my life and been toxic to others. As I get older, I get better at ending those relationships. It’s a skill everyone needs!

  • Such an amazing post and blog ! <3


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