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Alternatives to Sale For Sale

#1 Exchange & Review 

* You could agree to purchase/trade a product of similar price value from another business owner and leave each other a genuine review.
* Post an honest review on each other's product quality, pricing, customer service, etc.
Reviews build brand trust for new customers who haven't shopped with you

#2 Share Each Other's Business 

* You could agree to share each other business/a popular product, tag each other in the post with a direct sale link or website link.
* I would suggest posting it on your social media page during a high traffic time.
Doing this exposes your business to a new audience you could not reach before. You could have a product that someone in that audience wants/needs to buy.

#3 Do a Joint LIVE!

* Agree ahead of time on a set time to go live on Social media. Once you're live add the other person in. You could talk a bit about your business while you do a live sale or flash sale. 
Marketing efficiently to a new audience is a fantastic way to bring your business more traffic and/or sales.
Customers that purchase your service or product through using these methods have a higher chance of becoming returning customers, which is what you really NEED.

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