6 Year Reflection

Things I wish I knew then...

Where I am now...


This year I'll be 24. It's time for some self reflecting. 


I was scrolling through my Facebook memories today when I came across a particular post. 



I was excited about turning 18, going off to college, being exposed to a whole new arena in life. 


I went to a variety of colleges with my mom over that summer. That was exciting for me.


At this age I didn't really know what I wanted to take up specifically, but I knew what areas I was interested in.


The uncertainty of myself and the lectures of individuals surrounding me pressured me to pick the more stable choice. 



Science. Which happened to be my last resort.


Long story short I was miserable at that school. I was soaring through all classes except for SCIENCE and I ended up leaving after the first semester. 


Want to lose weight fast? Become a struggling, starving college student. Not really but you get the point. 



Things I wish I knew then...


I wish I was more confident in my spirit at this age. 


I wish I followed my passion instead of what I felt was expected of me. 


I wish someone pushed me to follow my dreams instead of letting me settle.


I wish I started my career path sooner...




I also know that I have to trust God's timing and trust my timeline. 



That maybe I was ready for all of the things I seeked out. 


I know I had a lot of growing to do.


This year, year six, I'm setting my dreams to action. 


Instead of just dreaming about pursuing my goals and letting time slip away, I'm full speed going for it.


It's time overdue.


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