5 Smart Ways To Save Money


Now is the time to address saving money. 


Here are some great ways to save mone:






Make this a self challenge. 


I purchased a Mason jar from the dollar tree ($1). The top has a coin slot, but you could easily make one.


Whenever I make a purchase using cash I put anything less than $5 into the jar.






How many of you recieve direct deposit at work?


How much of that money goes directly into your checking account?


Does your job allow you to send money into more than one account?


If so great. I have had jobs that allowed so in the past. 


Let us say your check is $650. Each check you could set it up so that $600 goes to your checking account, while $50 goes to your savings.


That is $600 in your savings after a years worth of deposits.


It does not have to be $50 though.


Here's some ways you deposit the monies:


$550 Chk

$100 Sav

$100 x 12 = $1200

$575 Chk

$75 Sav

$75 x 12 = $900


If your job does not allow you send money to two separate accounts. 


When the money is deposited you could transfer said amount to your savings yourself.


That would take a lot more consistency though.






There are several apps that allow you to earn cash back on your purchases. 


  • Ibotta

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and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. 


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  • Dosh



  • Paribas

You get money back when prices drop on items you already bought.
















Apps like chime, digit and you need a budget for commonly known apps for helping people save money. 


However, they do require personal information. 


If you are not comfortable with this, this may not be a good option for you. 






If you are really bad at saving but you really want to start, a separate savings account may be the best option for you.


I would suggest opening a savings account at a separate bank (I prefer credit unions). 


Sometimes banks offer specials for opening an account. They give away $50-$350 sometimes just for opening an account. 


Opening a savings account usually only cost around $5. 


SO get that separate account, start adding money and DO NOT ask for a card (so you're not tempted to spend). 




This is just a few ways you can start saving money. For ways to start earning money, check out my article below.