5 Free Social Media Marketing Tips - AVM F4SH10N

5 Free Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Create a Business Page 

* Facebook Business Page 
* Instagram Business Page
* Make sure they're public 

2. Send out Invites from your Business Page

* How did you join this group? Did you search for it or were you invited? 
* Invite. Invite. Invite. There are multiple ways to do so.

3. Add new pictures, products, free offers, etc. to your business page atleast 1-3 per week. Some people do this more often. 

* The goal is to create more visibility, you want people's eyes on your business

4. For more traffic on your business page, make videos 

* Videos do really well on Social Media 
* Videos should be under 30 seconds 

5. Cross Promote 

* Have someone share your business and you share theirs 
* This exposes each of you to a new audience 
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